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thanks everyone for visiting my FIRST BLOG.  i want to use this space as a ‘positive’ place for me to just let go and talk.  there may be times where i will be happy.  there may be times where i may be crying.  i want your feedback and comments to what i write; i just ask that you respect ‘MY SPACE’.   (for you english buffs: i apologize for my grammar in advance  b/c i wont be checking it)

allot of folks have been concerned about me (and the children); particularly since we are going through a deployment.  we miss rue (ruben) a great deal.  i think about him all the time.  fortunately for me, he calls almost daily; and sometimes several times a day.  we are really proud of him and will always have him in our prayers.  i dont know how other military spouses handle separations such as these; but i truly commend them (women and men alike).  i think being away from someone who is not only a part of your heart but also your soul ain’t easy; but at least i have the faith that he will come back to us soon.  i know he is working hard but i cant help wishing that he would just pull up in the driveway and walk through our front door.

i thought sleeping alone in our bed (with no snoring – sorry honey) was going to be GREAT! now my bedtimes have become a bunch of sleepless nights.  i cant turn over and nudge him.  i cant turn over and put my arms around him.  i cant kiss him gently behind his ear, so i just hug my pillows tighter and tighter.  please dont take this BLOG the wrong way, i feel being a military spouse is very honorable; its just very tough.  and no matter how much support some of us may have, (and i know i have ALLOT), i still feel like i am all alone.  weird huh?

[ok enough for now; i feel the tears are coming.]